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Items shown from the store, we will now be online exclusive at

and will expand our online products as we can, be sure to join our email list or follow us on facebook for updates.

Crystal Sacred Geometry Set
Sacred Geometry Box Set (Crystal)
Chunky Stone Rings (sterling)
Amethyst Cathedral
Massage Points (small)
Michigan Petoskey & Copper
Sterling Celtic Pendants (small)
Itty Bitty Crystals
Frog Pendant Necklace
Lapis & Malachite Items
Sterling Claddagh Ring
Turquoise Zuni Ring (sterling)
Agate Slices
Diopside & Coral Sterling Pendant
Gemstone Dice
Ruby Zoisite Ring (sterling)
Turtle Gemstone Keychains
Labradorite Ring (sterling)
Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces
Word Stones
Swarovski Suncatcher
Moldavite Chunk
Bismuth Piece
Gemstone Bowls
Display Shelves - Pebbles, etc
Selenite items
Shiva Lingam
"Evil Eye" pendants
Mixed Stone Necklace Pegasus
Labradorite Chunk
Gemstone Items
Trilobyte Fossil
Pyrite Cubes
Little Ganesh Carvings
Large stone Rings
Big Rose Quartz Heart
Fluorite Cubes
Store View
Agate Bookends
Amethyst & Citrine Points
Earring Table
Turquoise & Sterling Items
Agate Windchimes
Gemstone Items
Case View
Red Jasper Carving
Fossil Dishes
Interior View
Chakra Healing Point/Stars
Lapis Lazuli Tree
Store Shelves
Gemstone Merkaba
Gemstone/Mineral Specimens
Store Displays
Celestite Specimen
Item Collage
Store shelves
Pendulum Display
Store Display Cases
Turquoise Necklace
Animal Carvings
Word Stones
Display Cases
Freshwater Pearl Items
Rose Quartz Heart
Larimar & Sterling Jewelry
Assorted Necklaces
Picasso Stone Items
Agate & Fluorite Slices
Pyrite Orb/Sphere
Labradorite Slice Chunk
Moroccan Geode
Bracelet Bowl
Amethyst Specimen
Labradorite & Rainbow Moonstone Item
Selenite Tower & LCD Base
Calcite Chunks
Amethyst Marbles
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